Salaam Art

The Salaam Art Foundation aims to propagate the message of peace through art and the creative process, with due regard for Islamic and universal core values, in the service of the general interest and the well-being of humanity. Salaam Art tries to achieve its goal by:

~Spreading the belief that different cultural backgrounds reinforce each other and can provide inspiration;
~ Inspiring and connecting people from different backgrounds through projects around art, culture, education, wellbeing and citizenship;
~Developing (creative) products and using various art disciplines.

All proceeds of the foundation are invested in the objective of the foundation.

The Heart of Salaam Art

The mission of Salaam Art can actually already be read from the name of the foundation.
Salaam is the Arabic word for “peace” and art is the English word for art. At Salaam Art we
are convinced that art and peace are connected and can reinforce each other. 
Art offers us people the opportunity to find and express ourselves. In this way art can be a source of peace, both internally, peace with oneself, as well as externally, peace with the other.

In addition, peace itself is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, certainly from an Islamic perspective, where ‘as-Salaam’, Peace, is known as one of the 99 names of Allah (God). In order to express this peace in an as rich as possible way, Salaam Art uses many different creative techniques and disciplines, such as drawing, painting, storytelling, poetry, singing and acting.

Peace and art are concepts that transcend our philosophies of life and concern everyone. That
is why we, at Salaam Art, actively strive for inclusiveness. Everyone is welcome at our creative workshops. In addition, our books for children and adults of all religious backgrounds provide an opportunity and encouragement to pursue peace through art and creativity.

Board of directors

Almas Franken


Aisjah Karijoredjo


Miir Franken


Saida Franken

Creative Director


Anne- Marie El Chimi Editor
Anne- Marie El Chimi


Melek Feer

Social media

Selma El Chimi

Design & typesetting

Yasmin El Chimi

Video Editor

Wietske Merison

Writer & singer

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